Zware Metalen- Album Review

The first reviews for Voyager-X ’s album “Magic” are coming in, and the feedback is very positive, like here from the Dutch webzine Zware Metalen:

»You hear a certain bravado and conviction that is rarely heard in today’s era. Where the mainstream today is dominated by rubbish, junk and simple tunes, Mr. Gansen compulsively catapults one back to the days of real Rock music. […] A veritable magical album presenting music that, in my opinion, has stood the test of time.«

Joost Aarts op 16-02-2024, ZwareMetalen

Check out the detailed review here:

🚀 Bolstered by Mario Gansen’s hauntingly captivating vocals and the virtuoso interplay of his bandmates, VOYAGER-X’ latest single “Hypnotize You” is an exceptional highlight of their already critically acclaimed album “Magic”, to be released on 03/22/2024 via Dr. Music Records, which will thrill fans with its magical blend of Progressive Metal, Melodic Rock and Hard Rock. Friends of great Melodic can now look forward to the release of the extraordinary album “Magic”, which is now available for pre-order as a digifile CD at all record dealers such as the following!

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🎧 VOYAGER-X’s media-critical new Progressive Metal single “Hypnotize You” (…) is also available for download and streaming on all major platforms, as is the previously released song “Janus Face” (…) about madness-driving nightmares:

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