„Hypnotize You“ Reviews of Playlist Curators

»Hi Voyager-X, Thanks for sending us another track. Good melody. We would like to add it to the Spotify playlist called ‘Met All’ for a month. Our followers will enjoy it.«

Blue Orchid

»Thank you so much. With a very own hard rock style that delivers a strong performance from the band, you bring to light a more than relevant issue that has gone even bigger than before. The message is delivered strongly and, as you say, is captivating.«

En Tijuana Hay Rock

»It’s an interesting song, which takes some of the vocals of heavy metal, blending well with a more broken sound, more characteristic of progressive metal, and the roots of hard rock. It’s a pertinent, interesting clip, with an important debate in the lyrics. I found it relevant and will share it in future video content that I will produce for my media.«

Fernanda Meireles

»Good morning, the instrumental is clearly interesting and with energy and great strength that gives rise to a great beginning that breaks the singer in a good way. A very interesting song with great nuances and a great rhythm. Have a good day. All the best.«

KO Music

»Well done Voyager-X! Your songwriting craftsmanship is evident in the way you effortlessly blend catchy melodies with thought-provoking lyrics. It’s a perfect balance of substance and style. We will add you to our two new playlists, where you can listen to the best emerging artists of the time!«

Rock Al Palo

»I believe your song is quite great and perfectly matches my playlist. Therefore, I would like to add your track to my playlist to make it listen more. well done mate.«

Talkish Rock-ish

»Pretty good performance, and fucking good song. Loved the melodies. ❤️‘Metal Sinfonico’ playlist for you!«

Theocide Records

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