The story behind it

VOYAGER was one of the live acts of an establishing rock scene in the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region between 1987 and 1997. At festivals and various concerts we proved that genre-independent rock music can inspire.

We were able to convince with a refreshing sound, an original programme and great songs, which were equally well received by fans of moderate and hard rock music.

From the beginning of 1997 we went into a kind of hibernation mode. Due to our jobs, we spread out all over the globe. The band Voyager disappeared into space and time just like its namesake. Shortly before that we produced a CD with 9 of our best songs in 1996.

and you remember what they said

don´t lose the path

from the song „don´t lose the path“

We awoke from our sleep mode rather by accident. During an event where all former members were present in the Nuremberg area, the idea ignited to continue what ended abruptly 22 years earlier after 10 years of rock music.


During the years of hibernation several bands started to use our old name. Therefore, we decided to change the name to VOYAGER-X.

At the end of 2019, we did a first test gig as VOYAGER-X with old and new songs from our repertoire. As a band, we had lost none of our passion and joy of playing. We were able to convince young audiences as well as old fans. Thanks to the support of many loyal and new fans, we will continue our journey through the rock universe and stay true to our musical spectrum.

Recently, two singles of our first CD under the name VOXAGER-X were released on all common streaming services.

Das Release der gesamten CD VOYAGER-X Magic folgt demnächst. Zeitgleich arbeiten wir gerade am 2. Album und produzieren einige Videos.

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